My Thoughts on BGC9

ok this season overall tops the last in every which was possible…

Mehgan: I love you to death, to me you were the prettiest, realest, and basically you made this season for me. i knew i was gonna like you ever scince i saw the bgc9 sneak peeks cause i knew you were gonna be a bad bitch that doesn’t take shit from anybody. i knew you were one of those girls that talked but backed it up, not to mention you have them hands like jeez, rima and fallen at once that takes some skill. but anyways you were my fav since day one and i loves everything about you.

Christina: My second favorite girl. you are a crazy, trashy, funny girl and plus you got them hands. at first you kinda annoyed me because you were a bit loud but them you grew on me. i loved how you always made Julie hit you first so you could beat the shit out of her and not get sent home, but what you did to Ashley was kinda unnecessary because she didnt really do anything to you, and thank god you kicked rima in the face a couple times before you left.

Julie: Julie OK, you are the 3rd and last girl i actually liked this season based on the  fact that you basically ran the house, you are a pretty girl and you are not that big and fuck everybody that says otherwise. but even you you were got your ass beat in most of the fights, you still stood your ground and got all the girls like Erika to do all your dirty work for you. 

Now…..All the irrelevant hoes….

Rima: Omg, i dont think i hate anybody as much as i hate you, you are so annoying, fat and ugly and wtf are you doing on THE BAD GIRLS CLUB when you have a son. the show isn’t called THE BAD MOMS CLUB, which is where your stupid, slutty, trashy, ugly, fat-ass belongs. and stop saying you sent girls home when in reality you get your ass beat and the girls get sent home(expect mehgan cause she left). 

Falen: i hate you and much as i hate rima like i cant stand you, you’re always talking about how you’re gonna clock the shit outta someone and beat they’re ass but when they come face to face with you, you dont do anything like a punk, so you should take your own advice and shut the fuck up and sit your dirty, night-crawler looking ass somewhere in the sewers, where you belong

ashley: irrelevant 

zuly: irrelevant

erika: i didnt really like you but you got them hands and were mad funny;

andrea: never really liked you but you held your own and you weren’t a punk.

natasha: who the fuck are you?

This post is posted on Tuesday 16 October 2012.
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